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Local Courier Service :

EZ Courier is Provides Superior Quality Service and innovative solutions to meet your individual needs. We Provide Local Courier Service in all Local Courier Service Listed. We only handle Time Sensitive Deliveries so we understand how important it is for you that package reach the destination safely and as soon as possible. To make it Evan easier for you we have added Estimated Time for Delivery in each order you place so we know what time approximately driver will be arriving at the Destination before placing the Order.
Local Ez Courier Service

Messenger Service:

EZ Courier is equipped with messengers to service the downtown section of larger metropolitan areas. Our staff has the experience to handle your delivery needs no matter how demanding. EZ Courier is truly committed to providing you with prompt pick-up and immediate delivery to your destination.365 days 24x7 EZ Courier provides you dedicated courier service for great nation USA .
Messanger EzCourier service

Same day Trucking Services:

EZ Courier Service Provides on demand Trucking Service. We can Provide Trucks for your time sensitive material which needs to be picked up today and delivered As soon as possible. By Using our State of the Art Same Day Courier Service you can get the Price Quote as well as the Estimated times for pickup and delivery in just 30 Seconds.
Same day Trucking Services

Medical Courier :

EZ Courier understands the importance of medical courier needs because sometimes getting your package there is a matter of human life . We provide rush same day courier to and from Hospitals and Pharmacies. Whenever you are placing an order which is a Medical Emergency please let us know in advance so we can provide you better assistance.
Medical EzCourier Service

Legal Courier:

EZ Courier offers a world of services for the legal industry. When it comes to rush service for your legal documents you can count on us. EZ Courier can handle all your Sam day courier needs. Note: We don't serve court papers.
Legal EzCourier Service

Warehousing & Logistics :

EZ Courier offers a wide range of Logistics, Warehousing/Distribution and fulfillment services tailored for today's business. EZ Courier's Convenient and reliable supply chain management solutions may help your business optimize your Logistics operations and reduce your overall costs. EZ Courier has ability to handle any type of delivery ranging from a single envelope to full Truck load.

Note : Manhattan Warehousing is available at a very Low Cost and 24 Hours Delivery Option Call Ext: 777 to know more about it.
Warehousing & Logistics

Same day Courier :

Same Day Courier is the only thing we do. EZ Courier provides fast, reliable and professional messenger and Same Day delivery services for great nation U.S.A. We specialize in emergency/rush and same day services. Our understanding of the changing needs of businesses and ability to provide reliable, cost-effective delivery solutions to meet their demands has set us apart from the other courier companies. EZ Courier a trusted name for on demand courier all over USA .
Same day EzCourier Service

Residential Delivery :

EZ Courier is now providing service for residential deliveries also. We provide door to door service and our service is available 24 hours a day. We committed to delight its customers by offering a full range of services that provides the best solutions at a very competitive rate. We work round the clock so if you have something to send at middle of the night we are there to assist you. You can depend on EZ Courier for your all types of courier needs. Now yours all courier solutions are just one call away from you.
Residential Delivery

Out of Town Services :

Package needs to be delivered across the town or across the country EZ Courier delivers directly to another city or state at a competitive price. We Provide Premium service we pickup only your package and drive it straight to the destination.

EZ Courier Courier Delivery and calculate Price and Estimated Delivery time in only 30 Seconds. Try it Express Courier Service
OutofTown EzCourier Services

Need it now :

When you need something and you Need it Now, EZ Courier is a Trusted name all over USA . We Provide service 24 Hours a Day and 7 Days a week, so it is never too late for us call us any time at Ext : 2 and speak to someone in just 30 Seconds. We serve in all major cities in USA . Our State of the Art Price Calculator can provide you with estimated time of Pickup and Delivery and Cost of it. Your most urgent deliveries where every minute counts you can depend on EZ Courier to take responsibility seriously.
Ez Courier Service Need it now

Express Courier :

EZ Courier offers Express Courier service which can provide you prompt pick-up and immediate delivery to your destination. EZ Courier is the fastest growing courier service in the U.S.A. We are committed to providing our customers with the fastest most reliable courier service while maintaining accurate and timely deliveries whether they are local or nationwide. You can place and pay your order online in just 30 seconds with the help of our state of the Art Courrier Service.
Express EzCourier Service

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